Want to calculate the cost of home renovation? This is the estimate!

Divesanddollar – To produce a more comfortable residence, you can do a home renovation. You can choose various types. Ranging from small renovations, to large ones that will change the entire look of the house. You need to know the cost of housing costs needed, so you can prepare funds for the process of renovating the house.

Arrange Estimated Costs for Home Renovation
To help you find out the costs you need to renovate a house that you want, here we share the estimated cost of housing starting from labor, the cost range per square meter, and also the example of RAB.

Labor costs

When you want to renovate a house, you need to know that there are payment methods that apply. That is with the daily system, bulk services, and full volume. For daily contractor fees, a fee of around Rp. 125,000-150,000 per day is charged. This fee is only for service fees. Not included for material costs.

While bulk services, where you will get the cost of your project, will cost around Rp. 600,000-800,000 / m2. For this system, the cost you have to pay is certain. When the processing time is more than the specified target, for example due to or other long factors, you do not need more, because the calculation has been determined from the building area, not based on the length of the process.

Material and Service Fees
Materials and materials are better known as ‘full volume payment systems’. For this system, you no longer need to buy building materials, because the costs that you have already used for the material. If you want it to be big, not a simple home renovation, then various prices start from Rp. 2,500,000-4,000,000 / m2. This price depends on the type of material you choose. For a fee of Rp 2,500,000 / m2, what you get is the lowest grade material, but what is certain is still in accordance with SNI.

For a fee of IDR 4,000,000 / m2, you will get premium material. For the floor will be given a 60 × 60 granite tile finishing branded Niro, Roman and Essenza, for the interior of the cat. Special SNIs such as Dulux and Mowilex, exterior Weathershield paint, ceiling and gypsum from Jaya Board, and aluminum doors and windows with temperred glass.

Costs for Land and Buildings
If you have enough, you don’t need to ignore this part. You only need to calculate the cost of materials and services per meter, then the amount of costs you need. For the cost of buying land, for example, you want to expand the house by 25 square meters. The price of land in the location you want is sold for a staggering Rp.1,000,000 / m2. Then the cost you get is 25x IDR 1,000,000 = IDR 25,000,000.

Miscellaneous expense
Because a home is a big investment, you need planning and sufficient costs when you want to do a renovation. You cannot just prepare funds according to the count at the beginning. Preferably, prepare other costs because during the construction process, it is probable that things will happen unexpectedly. For example, the price of material increases, or in the middle of work you want to change the shape that has been made, and so on. For that, you need to prepare funds for this. Ideally, you prepare additional funds of 10% of the total cost of renovating the house that you are calculating.

Estimated Total Cost of Renovation
After knowing the range of land prices and service and material costs, you can calculate the total funds needed. For example, you want a minimalist home renovation, and all you need is a type 36 home renovation. So the size of the house you want to renovate plus the expansion of the house to 61 square meters. Then, you choose a full wholesale payment system with quality standard material, Rp. 2,500,000 / m2. The calculation is, 61x Rp. 2,500,000 = Rp. 152,500,000. Added with the land price to Rp 177,500,000. Added other costs of 10% of the cost of renovating the house which is Rp. 17,750,000. So, the total estimated cost that you need is Rp. 195,250,000.

Budget Plan (RAB)
To renovate a house, it is very important that you know the prices of the materials you need. To help you, we present the example RAB here.